Newest book by Jorge is called Fruitautomaten

We all know Jorge Salvador to be a writer of Hispanic inspired drama books. That’s why his new title might come to a surprise to you. Jorge named his latest book after a casino game that he came across often while he was on a holiday in the Netherlands. What he saw and witnessed in the tiny country across the ocean has given him more than enough inspiration to write more than one book about casinos. There are already talks about a sequel, that might either get the name Fruitautomaten 2 or Fruitautomaten, Fruit machines. But first, here’s a small synopsis of Fruitautomaten.

Getting to know online casinos

The story is about a 21-year-old college dropout from Guatemala called Rayan Cuéllar. He’s from a rich family but doesn’t enjoy his family wealth much. In fact, he is kind of restless and doesn’t know what to do with his life. In search of answers he travels to Europe where he visits the Netherlands. Once there, he is quickly confronted with Fruitautomaten and fruitkasten gratis spelen. Upon his arrival, he stars talking to the hotel receptionist called Ron den Uittenboogert who tells him about his passion; playing jackpot games in online casino and hoping to win. At first Rayan doesn’t really know what to think of it until he goes to an internet café to email his family back home.

Casinos can be persuasive

Once he opens his browser, he immediately sees an ad that reads Fruitkasten gratis spelen. He asks the bartender what it means, who tells him the translation; play fruit machines for free. This was the second time in less than half an hour that Rayan was confronted with online casinos. This spiked his curiosity and, being one to try out local cultures, made him sign up at one.

Socializing at an online casino

The games that seemed most appealing to Rayan were the live casino games. At least here he would have some human interaction with a live dealer. Rayan quickly saw a live casino dealer he liked, her name was Willemijn and she had straight blond hair and blue eyes. He didn’t want to come on too strong because she couldn’t see him and he figured all casino player were probably hitting on her. So he decided to play it coy and ask some questions about the casino game that Willemijn presented.

Live casino dealer addiction

Soon Rayan found himself locked up in his hotel room for days on end, just to be able to access the casino. It was no so much about playing the games as it was about talking to his favourite live casino dealer. But he felt like they had a connection, that started when she was explaining the casino games to him. Willemijn and the casino were all that were on his might right now, he didn’t even notice how much of his money was going into this habit. All that mattered to him was going to the casino and seeing Willemijn.

Casino player intervention

Will Rayan come back to his senses and realize that casino players are not allowed to ever meat live casino dealers? Avid casino player Ron notices that Rayan spends an awful lot of time in his room and wonders if he doesn’t have a casino addiction. When he finds out it’s about the girl, he tries to help. Will the help come in time? You can also play online casino for real money or as the Thai players would say การพนันออนไลน์ได้เงินจริง.